Richard Windsor, senior analyst, Nomura Securities

2010 Commentors

Few analysts at investment institutions carry the same weight and authority as Richard Windsor. Senior executives read his notes, especially his views on handsets and manufacturers. His views are quickly taken up and spread about the blogosphere -most recently when Palm announced it was Palm putting itself up for sale. Windsor does not always call the market right, but he does more often than not and that has earned him the respect of the industry and those who watch it. His influence has earned him a following and a place in the Power 50.

2009 Commentors

There are many analysts at investment institutions that are closely read by senior executives, but Windsor’s notes carry a credibility and accessibility that even his rivals respect. He writes with authority, and has good form in calling the market, especially for handset vendors. It has earned him influence, a following, and a place in the Power 50.