Mobile Industry Awards
Rules of Entry

Rules of Entry


  • Entrants are allowed to submit ONE entry per category only. If multiple entries are submitted in the same category the judges reserve the right to disqualify all entries but one in their absolute discretion.

  • Please keep the entry relevant to the UK market and include facts, figures, and testimonials to strengthen your entry. Entries that focus on another market outside the UK will be marked down or disqualified.

  • Future reserves the right to move entries to different categories if appropriate and suggested by the judges. Future, together with the judges, also reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not meet the expected standard of entry or criteria in its absolute discretion.

  • Entrants should strive to limit their entry to a maximum of 350 words per criteria point.

  • You must complete the online entry form; however, entrants are encouraged to submit supporting material to their entry in the form of PDF, images or video. Videos must not be longer than 3 minutes, and any PDF entry must not exceed three A4 pages. Overly long entries may be marked down or disqualified in the absolute discretion of the judges.

  • Also, do not feel you have to address the criteria in a formulaic manner.  You can respond to them in any order and, while the response can be in a simple Q&A style, it can take any form you wish (subject to the above rules).  

The full Terms and Conditions can be found here.


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