Mobile Industry Awards
Why Enter

Why Enter

Why you should Enter the highly regarded Mobile Industry Awards

  • Reward and motivate you and your team - by entering the MIA it sends a message to your team that their achievements are worth shouting about – and being shortlisted is a huge boost to company morale
  • Build customer trust and confidence - an award is a mark of quality that sets you apart from your competitors and proves your corporate credentials. It’s an independent endorsement that can help you attract new customers, partners, investors and talent.
  • Grow your profile and reach – Winning (or just being shortlisted) is a fantastic PR and marketing opportunity that gives you the chance to tell your story and share your success
  • Benchmarking – The award tells the judges and your industry that you are the best of the best – and a company worth doing business with.
  • Networking - Attend the awards ceremony, celebrate and certainly bask in the glory – but also see it as a networking opportunity, take clients and also make the most out of building new relationships