Apple’s iOS 4.3: The facts

Apple’s iOS 4.3: The facts

Apple fans brace yourselves, as Friday 11 March (that’s this Friday folks) is fast approaching.

And if you don’t know already, this is when Apple will release an update for the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, and iPod touch devices.

So what new iOS features and updates should we be getting excited about?

Personal Wi-Fi

The iPhone 4 can now be turned into a personal Wi-Fi access point for up to three devices via a 3G data connection. However, users will have to ask their operator to enable tethering before it can be used – and some charge for this service.

Safari gets faster

The mobile Safari browser will now run much faster as it will now have the same Nitro JavaScript engine that runs on the full desktop version.

Airplay for iPhone videos

Before this update, users could not stream their videos from their iPhone to their Apple TV. Now they can, and it's not just for personal videos – third party apps can take advantage of this feature too. Wireless printing is also now possible with AirPrint.

Live video and photo effects

Those who have a camera on their device can now use the Photo Booth app, which allows users to take live snapshots with different effects such as Kaleidoscope, Twirl and X-Ray and then share or send them to a friend.

iTunes Home Sharing

With home sharing its now possible to stream all videos, podcasts, music and photos to all devices, from both a Mac and PC.

Because it's just a stream users never fill up their iPhone, iPad or iPod’s memory, so it doesn’t matter how much data they stream.

Orientation lock is back for iPad

Users now get the choice to choose how they want to use their orientation lock button – either as a mute button or a portrait/landscape lock screen orientation.

iPhone 3G ad iPod 2nd Generation miss out

The new update will not be available for iPhone 3G or the second-generation iPod touch as they simply don’t meet the iOS 4.3 spec.

What about iOS 5.0?

Internet rumours have already started about the iOS  5.0, which is predicted to be out when Apple unveils the new iPhone 5 this summer.


So bring on Friday, get your Apple USB cable ready, as it looks like it's going to be a good one.


Editor Christian Azolan

Talking point: Which of the new features and updates are you most looking forward to?

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  1. Guest 11th Mar 2011

    Printing. Printing. Printing!!!

  2. Guest 10th Mar 2011

    Iphone all the way :) Melbourne Australia.. Telstra Network Rocks

  3. Guest 9th Mar 2011

    Ill give it a month to stabalise - been burnt too often with upgrades that were rushed out & cause more problems than they fix If its not broken dont ...

  4. Guest 9th Mar 2011

    WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Im looking forward to UNLOCKING my device as the unlockers are waiting for this release before the unlock is releae ...

  5. Guest 8th Mar 2011

    I still prefer my Nokia N8 (I only use my iPhone4 because it is my work phone)

  6. Guest 8th Mar 2011

    I want to be able to print! Apple thinks it knows better what you need. Hello 1000 years of printing gone. Forget Airprint unless you want to fork ove ...

  7. Guest 8th Mar 2011


  8. Guest 8th Mar 2011

    Looking forward most to tethering and the enhanced airplay.

  9. Guest 8th Mar 2011


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