Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launches at Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launches at Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy

Samsung’s second tablet device, the Samsung Tab 10.1, has gone on sale today at Carphone Warehouse ahead of its launch at Best Buy UK later this week.

Despite the possibility of an EU-wide ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the 9 September over the alleged infringement of patents and trademarks of Apple’s iPad and iPhone products, the manufacturer has launched the tablet with one of the UK’s biggest mobile retailers.

Apple accused Samsung of copying the design and functionality of its iPad and iPhone products in their Galaxy tablet and smartphone range in April this year. Samsung is counter-suing Apple over what it claims are infringements of some of its wireless patents.

Despite the dispute, consumers eager to get their hands on the tablet can head to Carphone Warehouse stores or the Carphone Warehouse website from today and the Best Buy website from Friday (9 September).

The device, which Samsung claims is the world’s thinnest mobile tablet of its screen size, comes with a range of accessories including a keyboard, desk dock and in-car charger.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is powered by the latest Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS, features a1GHz dual-core processor and will be available in 3G and Wi-Fi-only variants.

Best Buy Europe CEO Andrew Harrison said: ‘The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is truly paving the way for upgrades on features in tablets to meet the changing demands of consumers on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 fills the gap in the market between laptops, ereaders, TVs and smartphones, combining all in one with a high definition screen and capabilities. We’re looking forward to seeing the great reactions from our customers when it hits stores.’

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available now from Carphone Warehouse stores and its website for £399 for the 16GB tablet Wi-Fi version or from £499 on a range of different contracts.

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  1. Guest 24th Dec 2011

    smasung is one of the best phones that you can find but dont miss out!

  2. Guest 18th Sep 2011

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the BEST in the market. Congratulation! Thank you for contribute into the world of competition.

  3. Guest 17th Sep 2011

    All ipad or iphone users. If u dont like it, dont look or talk about, all the time. Ipad is better and or that crap. Even if it is. We dont care. We l ...

  4. Guest 13th Sep 2011

    ha lol as for samsung copying apple I would strongly disagree ... let's just say that apple IS samsungs BIGGEST customer ... and thus most apple hard ...

  5. Guest 11th Sep 2011

    Samsung should come up with their own ideas and designs and stop copying Apples hardware. This just looks like an iPad with a Samsung badge on it. Tha ...

  6. Guest 7th Sep 2011

    It is not iCrap..... it does need itunes... or any other strange proprietary gadget... and for the apple so called patents for multi-touch.. they stol ...

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