Windows Phone on verge of overtaking RIM in OS wars

Windows Phone on verge of overtaking RIM in OS wars

Windows Phone is challenging RIM for Europe's third most popular operating system, with low priced devices such as the Nokia Lumia 610 fuelling demand.

According to research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Windows Phone has a share of 5.0% across Europe for the 12 weeks to 2 September, an increase of 31.6% on 2011. During the same period, RIM's share has collapsed from 12.2% to 6.4%. A number of Windows Phone 8 devices are expected to be launched before the end of the year, including the Nokia Lumia 920 [pictured] and 820, the Samsung Ativ S and the HTC 8X and 8S.

Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, said: 'Windows is making steady progress in the big European economies and is now challenging BlackBerry for third spot in the European OS league. With the momentum Windows 8 will bring towards the end of 2012, it seems highly likely that it will achieve this before the end of the year.

'Lower end devices are driving sales of the platform as consumers seek value, resulting in percentage point growth rates of 6.6 in Italy, 3.5 in France and 2.3 in Great Britain. In Italy, Windows now holds a double-digit market share, 10.4%, a first in the European market.'

Samsung's strength across the European markets is continuing, with the manufacturer accounting for 48% of all smartphones. In Great Britain, Android's share increased on 2011 by 25.2% to 62.5%. Apple's growth in share of iOS was shallower, up 15.1% to 21.3%, as consumers awaited the iPhone 5, which went on sale last month. However, Kantar said its share would rebound strongly next month given the anticipation surrounding the launch.

The research agency said smartphone penetration was now at 57.6% in Great Britain. Smartphones accounted for 80.4% of all handset sales in the 12 weeks to 2 September.

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  1. Pedro Picapiedra 3rd Oct 2012

    Just bought a Lumia 610 on PAYG for less than £100 at the weekend. I thought I was going to miss Android but Im now hooked on the Windows mobile exper ...

  2. Guest 3rd Oct 2012

    Just bought a Lumia 610 at he weekend for less than £100 at Tesco and Im loving Windows mobile. Ive been able to find all the apps that I wanted so fa ...

  3. Guest 2nd Oct 2012

    Wow, cant believe someones actually sat around for 3hrs to hardsell a BB10!! Your style of writing and comments are the same..LOL Am currently using a ...

  4. Guest 1st Oct 2012

    I own a lumia 710 , and its much better than blackberry, not propagander, RIM will be gone next year when BB10,( which has been delayed soo many times ...

  5. Guest 1st Oct 2012

    Sorry guys. Ive got a WP7 and love it. BB10 may be brilliant but when it eventually arrives an awful lot of businesses will have migrated away from it ...

  6. Guest 1st Oct 2012

    Windows 7.5 is flying out the door here and loads of intrest in Windows 8 across laptops tablets and handsets.

  7. Guest 1st Oct 2012

    Does anyone really believe this article? Has a anyone here even seen a person use WP7? Cant wait for BB10

  8. Guest 1st Oct 2012

    Everyone expected this temporary switch. Wait until the new BB10 phones come out before making any long term predictions though.

  9. Guest 1st Oct 2012

    Isnt that because of RIMs decline rather than Windows success, not taking to account lack of margin for the manufacturers.

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