O2 is hit by network problems again

O2 is hit by network problems again

O2 has been hit by network problems again with O2 customers across the country complaining that they cannot access the network today.

The company has apologised to what it estimates to be 10% of its 23 million customers affected by the outage, which it says it will have fixed this afternoon (12 October).

The problems come just three months after O2 faced outages in July when 7.6 million customers were hit by the operator’s 24-hour service disruption.

An O2 spokesman told Mobile this latest problem was not confined to a specific region and that the operator was investigating the cause of the problem.

Customers on the O2 community forum voiced their frustration today with a number complaining of the frequency of outages on the network. One said: ‘No signal in Worcestershire for the last couple of hours! A bit fed up with all the saga of poor service from O2. It isn't the first time and gets too frequent to tolerate! I will be looking at cancelling my contract even though it has another year to run! O2 – it's a bad business these days!!’

Another forum member said: ‘Same problem with calls, texts and 3G here in Hertfordshire. It feels like it's a very similar issue to the last time this happened – ie, random numbers are affected, not areas. I'm very frustrated that O2 do not appear to have any urgency around fixing this. Again.’

In a statement on the forum O2 said: 'We have received reports that some members are experiencing problems with their phones when trying to call or text. Data may also be affected and this is being investigated.'

It also asked members to post their attempts to fix the problem and to say whether they were successful.

It stated: 'If you are experiencing problems, please post what you have tried to do to fix the problem (rebooting the phone, wiping your SIM card etc), even if it did not work. Please also have a look at the status checker,' adding: 'Alternatively, if you have not been affected, that would be great to know too.'


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No mobile coverage since early morning in Mablethorpe - anybody on other networks get this problem?
cheap, cheaper, cheapest ... so quality is not an issue anymore. Telco is not washing machine industry and regulator should know something about it

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