Dial-A-Phone pressure

            Dial-A-Phone pressure
Pressure mounted on Dial-A-Phone this week as T-Mobile reviewed its relationship with the online and off-the-page giant.

The review coincides with Dial-A-Phone not promoting 3 deals for at least ten days prior to Mobile going to press.

3 maintained that it was 'business as usual', despite Dial-A-Phone's inbound call centre staff telling Mobile it wasn't offering 3. A 3 spokeswoman added: 'Dial-A-Phone continues connecting for us on a daily basis.'

Commissions are believed to be at the centre of both operators' concerns. As Orange has no direct relationship with Dial-A-Phone, if T-Mobile and 3 were to pull out, the retailer would be left with just O2 as a direct customer.

The company, which has been jockeying with The Link to be the third biggest contract connector on the market, claimed to be connecting between 60,000 and 80,000 connections a month at its peak last year. It reported a turnover of £195m in its annual results ending in April last year.

The company also saw its long-serving MD, Andy Brown, leave in April, with directors Jonathan Beck and Richard Frank taking the helm.

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