Carphone Warehouse apologises for Fresh confusion

Carphone Warehouse apologises for Fresh
Carphone Warehouse has been forced to apologise after customers moving from its MVNO, Fresh Mobile, to Talkmobile were left confused by the process.

The independent retailer is currently in the process of closing down Fresh Mobile, which runs on the T-Mobile network.

Customers were informed in January that the MVNO would close down by today (19 March), and that they would not be able to top-up their phones from 22 February. They were told they could transfer remaining credit to their new accounts.

But customers were left confused after call centre and store staff told them that remaining credit on the Fresh Mobile network would not be transferred to their Talkmobile accounts.

Consumer website has seen Fresh Mobile customers visiting its website in droves, detailing the problems they have had with the transition process.

A dedicated forum created in January has had 7,935 views, with customers complaining that they were told they would not be able to transfer any remaining credit to Talkmobile.

One post on the forum said: Fresh tell me that existing credit on a Fresh Sim card cannot and will not be transferred to Talkmobile.

Carphone said customers will be given any remaining credit on their Talkmobile account by 15 April.

A Carphone spokesman said: We are planning to migrate our Fresh customer base onto our Talkmobile service by the end of March.

This is part of our overall strategy to consolidate our entire MVNO base onto a single network, offering existing customers the opportunity to upgrade their service to incorporate roaming, mobile internet, free voicemail and better value tariffs.

Fresh customers who have more credit left on their accounts than is initially provided when they join Talkmobile will receive the difference on their Talkmobile account by the 15 April. We apologise to anyone who received contrary information.
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