Power 50 Profile: Mark Stansfeld, non-executive director, O2 UK

Power 50 Profile: Mark Stansfeld, non-executive director, O2 UK

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Mark Stansfeld was arguably the most influential sales director in the industry before he quit to become a non executive director in January.


Stansfeld's triumphs over the last year include the defining moment of helping to bring the iPhone to O2. The decisions he took while leading O2's sales and marketing functions have helped shape the UK retail scene. He sold the O2 board the idea of taking out The Link to reshape distribution and curtail retailer power, without which Vodafone’s subsequent exit from Carphone would have had far less effect.

Stansfeld was also the architect of O2’s retail format, its portfolio expansion and its franchising scheme. Going back further in time, he was a prime mover behind Tesco Mobile. Stansfeld is widely acclaimed by peers as a superb, if unassuming, leader who helped to bring a very human feel to O2. As of January, he became a non-executive director of the O2 UK board in order to spend more time with his family and pursure other interests.

* Mark Stansfeld was awarded a lifetime achievement award in 2008

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