Power 50 Profile: Jonathan Ive, senior VP of industrial design, Apple

Power 50 Profile: Jonathan Ive, senior VP of industrial design, Apple

2011 Technology

The creation of the tablet market by Apple through the iPad (an entirely new category) over the last 18 months has left competitors, manufacturers, retailers and operators in a tailspin. And a lot of the credit has to go to Jonathan Ive. His inclusion here is not only down to creating a product with no obvious consumer demand, but also for protecting Apple’s MacBook business from the threat of netbooks in the most ambitious and imaginative way while staying true to his values on design and utility. Ive, in partnership with rising Apple star Scott Forstall, has created a mass market non-voice mobile device, and made significant inroads into two areas Apple didn't have a foothold in: netbooks and dongles. Ive also managed to make the iPad so strong and affordable that Apple has virtually shut out attempts by rivals to produce anything that can take any of its share in this new category. He has demonstrated a determination to carry the evolution on, improving and launching the iPad 2 while competitors were still preparing competitor products to the original iPad. It is said that Apple makes more profit from just the covers of the iPad than the rest of the tablet market combined.

2008 Product Design

The man from Chingford is revered within Apple for saving the company from the brink with his iconic design for the colourful iMacs in 1998. He has been the driving force behind the designs of Apple’s products ever since. His contribution to the iPhone is believed to have been part of a broader team, but Ive is credited with conceiving the concept of a large touch-screen with the daring idea of only one button.

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