Power 50 Profile: Ben Wood, research director, CCS Insight

Power 50 Profile: Ben Wood, research director, CCS Insight

2010 Commentators

Keen blogger and technophile Wood is arguably the number one commentator in the handset space. Wood has been instrumental in building huge levels of respect for his firm, CCS Insight, with many a late night spent in the office finishing reports. His mobile phone collection has already reached 800, but in his own words he is ‘always looking for new additions’. You will never see him using the same phone twice. Wood was the first analyst in the UK to try both the iPad and Google Nexus One phone, both of which he reviewed for the CCS website. Like his colleague Collins, he is authoritative and has something to say. Wood is also an advocate of mobiles for the silver generation and rugged phones and is a keen Twitter user.

2009 Commentators

Perhaps it’s the rare qualities of passion and ‘on the street’ insight that have marked out Wood as the most respected voice in the manufacturer segment. He also has the more classic qualities of an analyst: the ability to read and interpret a variety of data and make accurate assessments. Wood is equally enthusiastic on the devices at the top-end of the market, as well as those responsible for turning market share.

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