Power 50 Profile: Lance Batchelor, CEO, Tesco Telecoms

Power 50 Profile: Lance Batchelor, CEO, Tesco Telecoms

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Tesco’s all out assault on Carphone Warehouse is intensifying under the leadership of Tesco Telecoms chief Lance Batchelor. The supermarket giant is taking the battle to the heart of its rival’s territory with plans to open Tesco Phone Shops on every high street. He is making the most of the Tesco brand and putting out some aggressive propositions. Batchelor has ramped up targets, currently churning out three new Phone Shops a week with the aim of opening 500 Phone Shops up by the end of 2013. Batchelor has also set Tesco’s sights firmly on the contracts market, bringing in droves of new handsets in a carpet bombing strategy that is sure to take no prisoners. Work needs to be done on bringing sales staff up to the quality of its specialist mobile rivals, but the building blocks are all in place for Tesco to really shake up the market within a couple of years.


Aggressive, bold and fearless are the three qualities that consistently emerge when those close to Lance Batchelor are asked to describe him.Batchelor has introduced greater intensity in the telecoms business since he took over in 2008. He rebranded the ‘Telecom Stores’ to the more accessible name ‘Phone Shops’, set a stiff target of 100 stores by the end of the year from the current 42, and quickly started selling Sim-only.Batchelor seized on the opportunity of the Woolworths collapse and problems at Argos, citing Carphone Warehouse as his prime target. < /p >

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