Power 50 Profile: Peter Kelly, enterprise director, Vodafone UK

Power 50 Profile: Peter Kelly, enterprise director, Vodafone UK

2011 Unified Comms

Kelly continues at the helm of Vodafone’s drive into unified comms in both the corporate and SME sectors. This year has seen Kelly consolidate the successful launch of Vodafone’s One Net service and launch its partner programme, Vodafone One Net Express, which is aimed at smaller businesses. Despite increasing competition from rival operators such as O2 in the enterprise space, Kelly has successfully defended its position as the market leader. He has also spearheaded the launch of four specialist business units covering health, criminal justice, local government and central government.  The new units give Vodafone the capacity to take a key role in helping the Government to cut public sector.

2010 Convergence

Kelly has kept Vodafone at the forefront of mobile enterprise services in the corporate and public sectors. Last year he oversaw the unveiling of the network’s One service, which thanks to a deal with BT Wholesale, offers corporate customers a fully bespoke fixed and mobile convergence service. In October he unveiled One Net, a converged service for SMEs with a single number for fixed, mobile and laptop and a fully managed switchboard. One Net has yet to be fully deployed, but if the network gets it right it will have a powerful tool to help it gain marketshare in the SME segment.

2009 Convergence

The term ‘unified communications’ has been bandied around, but Kelly is seen to have the clearest vision of what the idea of fixed-mobile solutions looks like beyond a catchy phrase.He has outlined his ideas and vision to Vodafone’s staff and partners of a world a million miles away from simply selling a box. Kelly masterminded the £18.5m acquisition of Central Telecom in January, bringing fixed-line assets to Vodafone’s enterprise team.He has injected the team with belief that Vodafone has unmatchable capabilities in stitching together a PC, handset, mobile, fixed line, services and applications.

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