Power 50 Profile: Philip Schiller, VP of marketing, Apple

Power 50 Profile: Philip Schiller, VP of marketing, Apple

2011 Marketing

The announcement at the start of the year that Steve Jobs was going to take a leave of absence rocked the company and confidence in the brand. Tim Cook may have taken on more of the CEO role since the Jobs' announcement, but Philip Schiller continues to impose the clarity of Apple’s proposition everywhere a consumer engages with the brand. Apple has brought the small iterations of iPhone 4 to life with its trademark simple and elegant clarity. The refusal of iPhone sales to dip after the initial burst of consumers queuing round the block has been credited to Schiller. Features which consumers value evolve months after the launch, so the dominant story went from FaceTime to the Retina display to the apps and even the simple fact that it's just an iPhone. Behind the scenes, Schiller was at the centre of Apple's reaction to ‘Antennagate’ on the iPhone 4 – a crisis that should've ground sales to a halt. Instead, Schiller orchestrated a deft PR response which quickly saw sales pick up despite attempts by rivals to amplify the problems.

2009 Marketing

Taking the techie world of applications to a mass market, and making apps exciting is the undisputable critical factor in the success of the 3G iPhone. The mastermind behind the simple and clear campaign is Philip Schiller.The iPhone adverts that have been used across the globe are a high point in his 17-year career, and he feels the best way to showcase the phone is to allow people to experience the concept on the television.Schiller recently stepped into the shoes of Steve Jobs, giving the key note speech at the MacWorld 2009 conference.

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