Power 50 Profile: Ronan Dunne, CEO, O2 UK

Power 50 Profile: Ronan Dunne, CEO, O2 UK

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 Dunne is the consummate strategist, orchestrating O2’s drive into areas outside the core mobile business. He is known as a visionary leader with a deep understanding of the industry’s future roadmap which has seen him launch healthcare arm O2 Health and unified communications joint venture O2 Unify during the last year. Dunne is known in the industry for his innovation despite tough conditions. O2’s strategy is now about retention and although O2 added only 75,000 customers during Q1 2011, Dunne is now chasing value rather than volume. Dunne has also launched tech experts O2 Gurus, as well as O2 Media, which now has over 2.5 million customers on its O2 More mobile marketing service.

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Dunne has remained calm in the face of the Orange/T-Mobile merger which has knocked it off its number one perch in the UK. He has reason to be confident. Dunne has kept O2 well on track, recently bringing in the lowest churn levels ever recorded, delivering more profit that Orange and T-Mobile combined and growing marketshare ahead of the joint venture and Vodafone.  Dunne has presided over six consecutive quarters of business growth for O2 in the UK, against a backdrop of a declining economy and a shrinking market. O2 continues to grow its revenue and profit and continues its relentless grab of customer share from its rivals. O2 has the most trusted brand and the most loyal customers with an astonishing 1.1% churn rate on contract. Dunne has made the most of its marketing its O2 arenas for consumers and on the enterprise side has the largest market share in the SME segment. Its Joined Up converged offering is helping it maintain that lead. Dunne has also overseen a strong push into new revenue streams such as M2M, finance, travel insurance and mobile advertising.

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With the iPhone deal O2 won prior to his arrival, Dunne was believed by many to have been given a ‘hospital pass’ as he took on the CEO role at O2 UK. And with the three architects, who built the empire, moving on, many analysts thought there was only one route for O2 UK: decline. Dunne arguably set an even clearer vision for the company, and extended the lead in financial performance. He has been a pivotal figure in landing O2’s spectacular multi-national, fixed-mobile Deutsche Post deal, and his leadership credentials stretch beyond O2, taking the initiative for the mobile industry on Digital Britain and sustainability.

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