Power 50 Profile: David Taylor, COO, Tesco Telecoms

Power 50 Profile: David Taylor, COO, Tesco Telecoms

2011 Marketing

The departure of Lance Batchelor at Tesco could have destabilised the company, but the UK giant’s widely-admired record on appointing senior positions from within has left it in an arguably stronger state. Tesco's opportunity has always been that it can market phones to the millions who pass through its doors every week and trust the brand. That loyalty underpinned the aggressive plans of Batchelor. Taylor has worked closely with Batchelor for the last couple of years, and is believed to have been given the brief to pursue an aggressive marketing campaign that would reposition Tesco as a consumer champion. Under Taylor, Tesco has made a virtue of its smaller size, characterising the main operators as disingenuous tricksters in its blunt style that left consumers feeling Tesco was on its side against ‘marketing’. Since then, Taylor has pursued a highly disciplined course of simple and clear propositions: 12 month contracts and simple tariffs while maintaining Tesco’s credibility as a mobile brand.

2010 Marketing

David Taylor has been credited with the creating Tesco Mobile’s successful marketing campaign promoting its simple approach to pricing. The Tesco Mobile adverts were a breath of fresh air in the mobile industry marketing scene, poking fun at the way other operators promote their brands. As chief marketing officer for the MVNO, Taylor has extensive experience across the mobile industry. He was instrumental in the launch of the iPhone just in time for Christmas. The MVNO now has over two million customers, after the marketing campaign, launched in September last year, opened the MVNO’s propositions to a totally new market.He has now been promoted to chief operating officer and will continue to look at marketing as well as contract propositions across Tesco Telecoms.

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