Power 50 Profile: Andy Rubin, senior VP of mobile, Google

Power 50 Profile: Andy Rubin, senior VP of mobile, Google

2011 Software & Content

Rubin is the main driver behind the OS which has seen exponential growth and is now rivaling Apple. Rubin's strategy is to turn Android into a unified platform and battle the fragmentation problems that have caused problems for users who want to run newer apps on their phones. Android's next version, Ice Cream Sandwich, will run on both phones and tablets. Rubin, who joined Google when the search giant purchased his mobile software startup, Android, in 2005, remains committed to Google’s strategy of letting manufacturers push out a variety of devices. Analyst IDC predicts that Android devices will account for 45% of the smartphone market by 2015. A big achievement for Rubin.

2010 Content & Services

2009 saw Android’s rise to become a global player on the mobile stage and Rubin is the chief visionary and architect of its ascent. Rubin was one of the operating system’s inventors and he joined Google in 2005 when Android was acquired by Google. Rubin is now responsible for the overall product strategy and development of the Android platform. Its open source stance and quality has made it become one of the most popular operating systems for manufacturers. Android phone sales have now overtaken Apple and 2010 looks like being the year of Android. So far, the attempt to manufacturer Google’s own brand phones like the Nexus One, has met with limited success. But given its size and the depth of its pockets, if Google wants to produce its own Android phones, it is something other manufacturers will have to watch out for.

2008 Technology

Technology pioneer Andy Rubin is one of the people working to bring the Google experience onto mobile. Google bought his company, Android, in 2005, which created the Android open source operating system – the basis for a number of handset models due to be shipped this year. As the CEO and co-founder of Danger, he’s also the brains behind one of the most popular handsets in the Silicon Valley, the Sidekick.

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