Power 50 Profile: Richard Moat, MD, T-Mobile UK

Power 50 Profile: Richard Moat, MD, T-Mobile UK

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Richard Moat has only been at T-Mobile a year, but he has certainly made his mark in that time. His value-led attack strategy comprises four pillars: providing best value for customers; smarter investment; drive the greatest possible share through direct channels; and invest in the network to create a lean machine.By the end of 2010, T-Mobile will have the largest 3G network of 13,000 sites. Moat has cut extravagant programmes, instituted a rigorous performance management regime for retail staff, reinvigorated the handset portfolio with a strong emphasis on Android devices, overhauled its tariffs and begun to revamp its enterprise offering.Above all, Moat has managed to turn the business around a lot faster than anticipated. Margin in Q1 2009 was 13%, but by Q3 its was 21.4% and only slipped a little in Q4 t0 20.1%. Far from being a ‘value’ brand, T-Mobile has the highest contract ARPU among the networks. For Moat, ensuring the business has enough revenue to invest to create a sustainable business is paramount. That should not be a problem now the business has merged with Orange.

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