Power 50 Profile: Jim Michel, UK head of mobile, LG

Power 50 Profile: Jim Michel, UK head of mobile, LG

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How LG has protected its market share in the UK over the last 12 months has left many analysts and operators flummoxed. The competitive force of new players and more aggressive pricing from its traditional competitors should have put the squeeze on LG. The business had decided that it was time for new personnel and a new structure, and at the helm is Michel.

Since his arrival from Motorola, Michel has taken on more seniority amid considerable management change. He has reoriented the business from purely selling into operators and retailers and pointed it firmly towards the consumer. This is major departure from LG's MO since its inception in the UK, when it was effectively speccing and building to order from the major retailers and operators. That approach may have won it short-term appreciation from the industry, but it limited its impact on the shop floor.

The investment in innovations such as dual-core processors has strengthened the brand's technology credentials as a slew of cheap Chinese manufacturers roar up to challenge LG in the Android smartphone segment. The major retailers and operators have been impressed by Michel's approach, and his decision-making will have a major bearing on what has become a cluttered and fiercely competitive smartphone landscape.

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