Power 50 Profile: Srini Gopolan, consumer director, Vodafone

Power 50 Profile: Srini Gopolan, consumer director, Vodafone


2011 Marketing

Fresh from injecting a hunger and focus at T-Mobile, Gopolan, who was previously at financial services business Capital One, was drafted into Vodafone's consumer team at the behest of Guy Laurence, who saw the consumer division as the company's big priority. It was – and still is – a business that can be more aggressive in the consumer space. Gopolan's presence was immediately felt across the business, and he has been described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and ‘very focussed and direct’. He has worked hard to raise Vodafone's profile in prepay and ruthlessly challenge some existing assumptions that have hamstrung Vodafone's potential to build sales. Gopalan and Laurence built a marketing plan to reach consumers that had historically been beyond Vodafone's core parish. Vodafone's perception as a premium network for serious business customers is seen as an asset at a time when more consumers are valuing network coverage, reliability and speed. His big challenge now is decoupling more of the UK marketing strategy from that handed down from Vodafone Group.


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