Power 50 Profile: Charles Dunstone, CEO, Carphone Warehouse

Power 50 Profile: Charles Dunstone, CEO, Carphone Warehouse

2009 Convergence

Splitting the retail and telecoms businesses has been the dominant occupation for Dunstone over the last year (save for his engagement and upcoming wedding). He has taken  more of a back seat at Carphone, with some indicating he is working on his exit, although his passion and foresight for the future of connected technology for the consumer is without peer. Dunstone’s instinct, experience and authority continue to make him a man that CEOs and analysts want to listen to, and subsequently continue to leave him as a powerbroker as he espouses his views on the connected home.

2008 Convergence

Dunstone was ahead of the curve when it came to mobile companies embracing broadband and paved the way for operators to follow. He has been a champion of the idea that laptops can be a must-have teen accessory, just like the mobile phone. He has attempted to showcase the future of convergence for consumers in the Wireless Flat – in the basement of one of the large stores on Oxford Street. The £1bn sale to Best Buy with a brief to broaden the range of mobile products confirms that Dunstone is a major force in convergence.

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