Power 50 Profile: George McPherson, MD, Data Select

Power 50 Profile: George McPherson, MD, Data Select

2009 Distribution

Data Select’s head man celebrated his 60th birthday in recent weeks, and his status in the industry continues to rise.He is respected for building strong relations with the suppliers, and managing to maintain the broadest range of suppliers in the market.McPherson has gradually built up several small sub-divisions at Data Select to be specialists and leaders in their respected fields. The fulfilment business continues to run online stores for the likes of Vodafone and Sony Ericsson, as well as smaller players.

2008 Distribution

McPherson has seen the distribution game from both sides, both as a handset manufacturer and now as head of Data Select. The company is of course the baby of TV personality Peter Jones, but it is McPherson who has successfully piloted it through recent storms. When Vodafone began asking hard questions about Data Select’s business, it could have caused lasting damage. But McPherson saw that Data weathered the storm and has fashioned it into a forward-thinking, technology aware business.

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