Power 50 Profile: Anssi Vanjoki, Executive VP for markets, Nokia

Power 50 Profile: Anssi Vanjoki, Executive VP for markets, Nokia

2010 Marketing

Nokia is still the world’s number one manufacturer, but it is in transition. Vanjoki has been central to Nokia’s efforts to rebrand itself as a services provider first and a handset manufacturer second.He was a key figure in establishing Nokia’s Ovi Store, which had a painful birth, but is now finally gaining some traction that may allow the manufacturer to compete with Apple and Android. Vanjoki drove Nokia’s recent decision to make its satnav proposition free.Last year Vanjoki had to deal with the problems associated with the N97, which although it sold well, didn’t always perform as it should. Vanjoki has acknowledged that Nokia should have moved faster to deal with the issue. Vanjoki’s focus is now on the evolution of Symbian into the open source Symbian Foundation and the partnership with Intel to create the MeeGo platform for use on both mobiles and other computer devices.


2009 Agent Provocateur

A new position has opened up for Vanjoki in the last 12 months, pushing him out of the limelight (he didn’t speak in Barcelona this year), but with the critical brief of taking on Apple and Google by bringing Nokia’s hardware and services together. Vanjoki’s ideas and marketing have been behind the 5800, and how it has been sold. The N97 is his next project, pushing employees with the words ‘it is the most important device in our history’. He wants Nokia and the big customers around the world to think about what mobiles can do to people’s lives, challenging the pre-conceived ideas in the industry. < /p >

2008 Mobile Internet

As Nokia seeks to reinvent itself as a mobile internet and services company, no-one encapsulates that vision more than Vanjoki. Crucial to Nokia’s Ovi project, Vanjoki is the pioneer of Nokia’s evolution into an internet company, the driving force behind the Nseries and the Communicator, and has been instrumental in brokering deals with music labels. He is a charismatic force who has trailblazed the cause of mobile internet within the Finnish handset giant. The vigour with which he has pursued his vision is now felt by customers and competitors today.

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