Signal wants customers to phone a friend

Signal wants customers to phone a friend

Signal Telecom is looking to its customer base to drive sales during the coming months, by incentivising them to introduce the company to new business.

The company has seen sales increase by 20% during the past 12 months, thanks to an expansion of products and services, but Signal is hopeful its referral scheme will drive revenues in future. Company director Neil Arkwright said: ‘Our activity over the next year is based around existing client referrals. It started six months ago when we decided to get back to basics. I think in this business we underestimate our biggest asset – existing customers.

‘We’re getting customers to introduce people they know to us, and rewarding them if we do business with them. For example, if they have 10 mobiles with us we can offer them an account with £20 for each line, or if they prefer, they can have high street vouchers. It’s boosting revenue already, and crucially, it lowers the cost of acquisitions as adding customers can be expensive.’

The operator came into the industry as two separate companies – Total Communications and Cygnet Communications. In 2001 the firms merged to make Signal Telecom and started to diversify into products and services.

Talk Mobile Solutions joined two years ago to give the company a larger presence in the north of England. Signal specialises in providing for small to medium sized SMEs, and Arkwright claimed the company had ‘20,000 connections’ which it built over the last 20 years. 

He said: ‘We’ve come from a traditional mobile background and
the business has been growing with the introduction of new products over the past few years. With IT services and unified comms we’ve been bringing together all that connectivity and seen a lot of organic growth.

‘Cross-selling to customers is exactly where we’ve seen this growth. We have clients who started out taking business mobiles with us, and by engaging with them they’ve taken out IT systems and telephony systems with Signal. That’s three products straight away.’

The company that was built on mobile can now offer clients a one-stop-shop with a wider portfolio of products. As well as business mobiles, Signal provides mobile broadband, fixed-line and IT services, as well as vehicle tracking and unified comms solutions. Customer service has played a big part in the success of the business, with it named an O2 Centre of Excellence in 2008. 

Arkwright added: ‘We have account managers for different products. Every customer, no matter what product they’ve got, knows who their account manager is. They speak to them and there’s a real person at the end of the telephone all the time. It’s about growing, but still keeping that personal service.’ 

While referrals look to be the business’s key growth opportunity, Arkwright said there could be possible acquisitions if the right opportunities come along. While the company is based firmly in northern England, he said quality and not geography was crucial when considering such a deal.

‘We’re specifically looking at acquisition opportunities with fixed-line and mobile companies. Basically, we’re targeting companies that are right for acquisition.’

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