Frequency Telecom director: ‘It’s our job to make our retailers profitable’

Frequency Telecom director: ‘It’s our job to make our retailers profitable’

Frequency Telecom is evolving and covering all its bases. From accessories distribution to its own b2b sales company and even a consumer website, the company is securing lucrative deals and expanding.

Last year, it secured an exclusive partnership with US manufacturer Case-mate, and later went to Las Vegas to work with Case-mate at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Frequency Telecom director Gareth Limpenny talks to Mobile about where it all started, and where the company is looking to go in the future.

Mobile: How long has Frequency Telecom been established?
We were eight years old in February and started off as a
handset distributor, and bought an accessories contract in February 2007. We have been working on that for three years, as well as running the [b2b airtime connections company] Jelly brand. We have seen great growth in accessories.

What is the key to your success?
We deliver on what we say and view it as our job to make our retailers profitable.

Who is your main type of customer?
We have historically done business in the independent channel and we are now supplying a number of large retailers and networks in the UK and Europe.

How significant is the Case-mate deal for you?
We are thrilled with the Case-mate deal. They have a fantastic product range that covers everything from protection to fashion.

Would you like to work with any other accessories manufacturers?
We are happy to work more closely with manufacturers now and we are quite selective on who we work with, but there will be more of these types of deals in the future.

What were the highlights of 2009?
We were very pleased with Case-mate. We always invest back into our business, which grew and became stronger in 2009.

What are you looking forward to in 2010?
We prefer to grow organically and it will be the way we move forward. We have recruited a lot of people in the last year and are about to start that process again. We will continue to focus on sales and marketing.

Why are accessories so important?
There has been an increase in the smartphone market; people will spend more money on protecting their phones and getting more value out of them. Mobile was a very subsidised market and customers wanted to get free devices, so it is about changing people’s perceptions. If phones are more expensive to acquire then people are more likely to spend money on protecting them.

Are there expansion plans for Jelly, your b2b airtime connections company?
Jelly has been going for four years and it started because we felt we could do a better job of understanding customer needs – better than some other companies. But we want to make sure we make the most of our Yorkshire branch before we expand. Our customer base is predominantly BlackBerry users and in a way, we are data specialists.

What are the other branches of the business?
We have another brand called, which is purely consumer. It is an ecommerce platform that is due to be refreshed. Since April, we felt there was an opportunity to test consumer feedback.

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