‘2011 will be the year of the smart network’

‘2011 will be the year of the smart network’

If 2010 was the year of the smartphone, then 2011 will be the year of the smart network.

Data usage will rise dramatically as a new crop of lower cost smartphones puts the mobile internet and a host of downloadable apps into the hands of an ever increasing number of people.

This democratisation of the smartphone, coupled with a growing list of top end handsets and a widening selection of tablet computers, will create a huge increase in traffic across mobile phone networks.

As that boom plays out over the coming months, it will become increasingly obvious which mobile operators, such as Vodafone, have consistently invested in their networks over the years to cope with this explosion in data.

Those that underinvested in the past or are consolidating their networks to boost their profits for the future, will creak under the strain as customer hunger for the mobile internet increases.

Having a smart network, meanwhile, will allow Vodafone to help companies of all sizes reduce their costs by introducing flexible working practices. And as businesses chase every potential sales lead in what is likely to be a challenging economic environment, our suite of unified communications services will ensure they never miss a crucial call.

But it's not just people who will benefit from smart networks. Next year will see more devices linking to our network than ever before as an increasing number of businesses take advantage of machine-to-machine technology to connect everything from electricity and water meters, to vans and even ice cream vending machines.

Finally, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton looks set to be the mobile event of the year. The hundreds of thousands of well-wishers lining the route or celebrating in street parties across the nation will take photos with their mobile phones and share them with friends and family as the couple add a bit of glamour to 2011.

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