How to take care of business

How to take care of business

Smaller is better when it comes to the best way for resellers to market their companies via email, the first MobileB2B seminar was told.

James Pennington from the National B2B Centre told delegates at the seminar at Datchet, near Windsor, which was hosted by MobileB2B, that dealers need to pay closer attention to what they send out via email. He said: ‘Resellers have effectively migrated their campaigns to email because it is much cheaper than putting a flier inside a newspaper and hoping for the best.’

He said the British predilection for lists meant it was best to stay focused on listed keywords – words such as ‘best’, ‘greatest’, ‘Top’, and ‘Number One’ work best. Another criteria which Pennington stressed as critical was segmentation. The smaller the mailshot, the greater
the chance a business has of the emails being opened, especially if they are personalised.

He said clarity was key. If a company wants the recipient to visit a web page, under no circumstances should the landing page be the home page. Instead it must be a dedicated page which preferably duplicates the content of the email itself.

His final advice was to check how the email will appear when delivered to various email clients. In particular, he warned of the dangers of Outlook 2010 and 2013 – especially if you include graphics in the email body copy.

Meanwhile, Gamma outlined how dealers could dispense with the services of a mobile operator, by becoming an MVNO through its Simplicity programme. Instead of making phone calls to an operator, the dealer can make all the necessary changes a customer might require from Gamma’s own online web portal.

Product manager James McFadyen said: ‘If you’ve got a customer at the airport who wants an international bar lifted, you don’t have to make any calls. If you’ve got any kind of internet connection, you go onto our web based portal and make the changes yourself.’

Gamma developed it as a vehicle to resell its own fixed line business. For instance, if the mobile reseller migrates a customer to Gamma’s total fixed/mobile solution, the customer is able to be charged for fixed line calls to a mobile at just one penny a minute.

The major selling point is that the dealer ends up being able to bill customers directly because Simplicity is a white label offering and the Gamma brand appears nowhere on the bill. It also allows dealers to offer customers a range of ‘bolt-ons’ including BlackBerry compatibility.



Strength in depth

With access to products from at least 150 major vendors, Ingram Micro Mobility said it had a broad sweep of products to offer resellers.

As well as a focus on HTC and BlackBerry, Ingram can boast knowledge of Samsung Mobile’s complete range of mobile products. IMM product director Marios Ktisti (pictured) highlighted Samsung’s Easy PhoneSync software. ‘It’s an ideal tool for allowing  dealers to migrate customers to the Samsung platform because it can transfer contacts, SMS, videos and music from an iPhone – making a smooth transition to Samsung much easier.’

 Ktisti also focused on ruggedised solutions which many dealers might be unaware of. He discussed devices with IP ratings (Ingress Protection) such as IP68, which have an anti-dust rating of 6 and a water rating of 8 – which means they’re safe in one metre of water.

 Ingram can also supply products to the military standard, along with handsets which are intrinsically safe and offer no thermal energy, making them safe to use on oil rigs, for example.



Mobile shopping

LucidCX showcased its Pocket Shop (pictured bel0w) device, which allows dealers to take transactions via an Android smartphone or tablet. Director David Hinc said: ‘You can get your shop up and running in 15-20 minutes.’

The product is fully PCi compatible, which means that traders can use any mobile chip and pin payment system. Pocket Shop already supports or will soon support a wide range of payment services such as emerit (from HSBC), judo, PayPal Here and iZettle. It can also work with plug-in barcode readers such as those available through Ingram Micro Mobile.

Hinc said: ‘Real-time help solutions is our core business. So we provide step-by-step help by email or telephone, although the product itself encourages self help.’

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