Phones 4u: The staff speak

Phones 4u: The staff speak

Reactions to the news:

‘I think they handled the communication to staff very poorly – in fact I think it was disgusting that we had to hear it from the media before hearing it from our employers.’

‘Fantastic company to have worked for – great staff and managers. I felt well treated and learned vast amount of skills. I just want to say thank you for allowing me to have worked at Phones 4u. 10/10!!’

‘Finding out about it all through the media is a cowardly move on Phones 4u's part, however, they are not to blame for this! EE and Vodafone acted out of selfishness and greed! Heartless and ruthless businessmanship!’

‘The fact we learned it from the news and not from our company makes the whole situation even worse. I was angry and heartbroken at the same time, this really is a very difficult situation’

Potential impact on the industry:

‘The only things keeping prices decent now are Carphone and Three. Even Carphone isn't secure about its position. The mobile industry is an oligopoly and it is clear that we are moving towards a US model, which isn't good for anyone but the networks themselves. Private equity firms care only about short-term profit, which in part contributed to the demise of Phones 4u. It's good that Carphone is in better hands, but they also have obligation towards shareholders. It is fine now, but for how long will it last? The situation looks grim.’

Who’s to blame?

'I blame Phones 4U entirely for what has happened. There were a lot of cost cuts that happened in the past 10 months that have caused a lot of unrest among staff in a lot of stores. I was part of a cluster – two stores with a combined target – and had recently been moved to the smaller store as a bit of a reshuffle. The larger store was taken over, along with the contracts of all the staff there, but the small store was not.

'Most of my time was spent at the larger store during my employment as part of the cluster, but I have been in the small store for one month and end up being made redundant because of this, while new starters in the large shop – some of whom have only been there a few weeks – get to keep their jobs.

‘They had no clue how to run a business or treat their staff! It’s their own fault they messed up!’


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