Business urged to invest as millennials ‘force a change’

Business urged to invest as millennials ‘force a change’

‘Millennials are forcing a change in the workforce, and organisations that don’t invest in increasing capabilities will be left behind,’ Annodata’s CEO has claimed.

‘Millennials now expect a certain level of technology in the workplace, and it’s having an effect on both the expectations and also the technology on offer,’ Rod Tonna-Barthet told Mobile. ‘This is starting to force a change in the workforce, and if the organisations are not making investment in boosting their capabilities then they’re being left behind.

‘You’ve got significant push towards flexible working and this is driven by the new generation of workers. We can’t lose sight of the impact that the millennials are having on the use of technology in the workplace; they are now used to Face Timing and conference calling, and people want to be out and away from their desks more.

Changing workforce

‘We have had a number of key new business wins in the past 12 months, and we are now entering relationships with clients that have an increased requirement for hosted services, and this is due to the changing mobile workforce.’

In response to customer calls to offer more services, Annodata has diversified its proposition by focusing major investment in a number of different markets. The unified comms dealer will target legal, manufacturing, hospitality and public sector markets, the latter of which has had ‘very substantial growth opportunities’, according to Tonna-Barthet.

 ‘We’re being challenged by customers to broaden what we’re providing’, he said. ‘We’ve seen Daisy with Phoenix come at the world with IT resources and that was driven by clients saying, “we have a highly complex network and we need more services”. We are broadening services we provide by rapidly developing into offering cloud-hosted services and evolving into delivering hosted content services so we’re making sure we have the right skill sets.

‘There’s a lot of infrastructure required to provide broader services – if you are a telephony provider the investment required to extend services is significant, but we have national reach. We’re making an increased Investment in training and in infrastructure capabilities so we can link together all aspects of services we provide. What we’ve started to see is a real acceleration of demand from our customer base, and we have to continue with our investment to fulfil that demand.’


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