Mobile salary survey

Mobile salary survey

Prospects for companies and individuals working in the mobile industry are better this year than they were last year, Mobile’s Salary Survey reveals. Most people working in mobile seem to be happy with their jobs and the possibilities on offer.

However, despite the optimism for individual careers and companies, most respondents predicted a bleak year for the industry as a whole. Over half of people who took part in the survey said this year will be worse for the industry; but only 16% thought 2008 will be worse than 2007 for their company. And when it comes to their own careers, 61% said this year will be better than the one just gone.

The expectation of a better year is probably tied to the fact that most people believe this year has a promotion in store for them. Almost two thirds of respondents said they were looking for a promotion, while only 19% said they weren’t.

Looking for promotion

The majority are looking to stay with the same company this year – largely because of the promotional prospects. Three out of five people said they expect their next job to be in the same company, but a quarter are looking to leave the mobile industry, and expect their next job to be in another sector.

Most of the survey respondents seem to be content with their jobs. Three quarters said the prospects, pay, training and perks in their job were either very good or quite good.

The possibilities of career advancement in the mobile industry are positive for most people. Over a third said that the prospects within their company were very good and another third said they were quite good.

The optimistic career outlook is probably the result of the good training possibilities given to most respondents. Two in five people believe training is very good at their company and over a third said it is quite good. Only 11% said training at their company is poor.

The majority are also happy with their pay. Half of the respondents said their pay was very good, while over a quarter said their pay was quite good. Only 7% thought their pay was poor.

The range of salaries within the mobile industry is huge. The highest earner of the respondents makes £90,000 per year, while the lowest earner is on £7,780. The average salary in the industry is £25,870 per year, according to the survey. However, this encompasses a range of job titles, from shop assistants to consultants to MDs.

Just over half – 55% – of all those that responded to the survey earn between £11,000 and £35,000 per year. The lowest earners, those with salaries of £10,000 and under, make up 8% of the respondents and the highest earners, those with salaries of £50,000 and over, make up 10% of survey respondents.

Interestingly, the respondents that thought their salaries were poor were not from the lowest salary groups, but earners from around the average industry salary.

However, for a large part of the industry, commission makes up a major proportion of the monthly income. Retail staff are generally those with the lowest basic salaries, but they are also the ones with the highest commissions.

And the range of commissions is as wide as the range of salaries. The majority of respondents don’t get any commission at all. However, out of the companies that do pay commission, the amount that it contributes to respondents income ranges from 2% to doubling the monthly income. A third of those that get a commission get enough for it to make up half or more of their salary. The most common commission is between 40% and 50%.

Retailers are mostly happy with their jobs. Four out of five store staff said the perks in their jobs are either very good or quite good. And three quarters saw a bright future in the company they worked for, believing that their career prospects within the company were good.

Despite huge differences in pay, within as well as between companies, most people said they were happy with their pay. Seventy-one percent of respondents that work in retail said their pay was good or very good.

Sales assistants earn anything between £7,700 and £21,000 per year, and the average salary for a sales assistant is £12,660 per year, the replies show.

For shop managers, the average pay is £24,000 per year, but the highest earning manager takes £38,000 per year. The lowest earning manager gets £14,000.

Pay doesn’t only depend on the job titles, however. There are massive salary differences between companies. The best earning shop assistants are at Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile and Phones 4u, the survey reveals. Indeed, the top salary for shop assistants at Virgin is £21,000, and £16,000 at T-Mobile and Phones 4u. Meanwhile, O2 has the lowest salary range, with shop assistant salaries between £7,700 and £9,800, the survey shows.

Store managers

For shop managers, the best place to work salary-wise is T-Mobile, where the salary range is way above average. T-Mobile’s shop managers earn between £27,500 and £31,000, the survey suggests. The Carphone Warehouse’s and Virgin Mobile’s retail managers are the lowest paid, with salaries between £14,000 and £25,000, according to the survey.

Commission rates also vary from anything between 0% to 100% of the monthly income. On average, 34% of the average manager’s income is made up of commissions, while sales assistants get on average 25% of their income from commission.

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