What you need to know about the 118-800 mobile directory

What you need to know about the 118-800 mobile directory

How does it work?
Contrary to what you might think, your mobile number won’t actually be given out by the directory. There’s two ways to use the service: by phone and online. Both cost £1.

To use it by phone, you dial 118-800, and tell the operator the first name and surname of the person you’re seeking and the town they live in. If the directory has that person’s details, you will be put on hold while the operator calls the person and asks them if their willing to have your phone patched through to theirs.

To use the service online, visit www.118800.co.uk and fill in first name, surname and town of the person you’re looking for. If that person is on the database, the individual will receive a text with your name and mobile number. They then have the option to call you.

Is the service already available?

It goes live next Friday (June 18th), but a test website is up and running now where you can try out the database.

Will my number be on the directory?

The directory has around 15 million numbers and there’s an estimated 40 million adults in the UK that use mobiles. On that basis, there’s around a 40% chance that your number will be in there.

Everyone who’s number is on the directory must have, at some point, agreed to have their number circulated, but many will have done so unwittingly.

How did my number get on there?

The numbers have been collected through three main sources:
- Market research companies
- Businesses that take our details through online transactions
- Brokers that specialise in buying and selling things, such as mobile phone numbers

How do I opt out?
Text 'E' to 118800 from the mobile phone number you want removed or call 0800 138 6263. You’ll have to pay the standard rate for the text or call and your removal from the directory could take up to four weeks.

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