Guide to updating iPhone OS 3.0

Guide to updating iPhone OS 3.0

The iPhone 3.0 operating system promises to transform the iPhone, but is it easy to use and worth the bother of updating? You need to allow up to 45 minus for the upgrade. Here's else what the Mobile team found:

Is the iPhone update to version 3.0 idiot-proof?
Very nearly. You need to download the right version of iTunes, and once you have done that the install runs through step by step automatically.

How long does the process take? Longer than you might think. Including upgrading our install of iTunes, it was easily 45 minutes. The operating system itself is 230mb. Then iTunes backs up your iPhone's current data and settings. But apart from kicking it all off, the whole process chugs along on autopilot in the background.

Do I risk losing my data?
As mentioned above, your iPhone is backed up on your computer before the installation commences. 

Is it worthwhile?
Absolutely. 100 improvements are claimed, but 3 along make it worthwhile: picture messaging, horizontal keypad for email, etc; and cut and paste which works very smoothly. We couldn't see any sign of the upgrade improving the speed of the system, however,

Where there any problems?
Yes. Initially none of the applications from the App Store would load. We went to the app store and download updates for some (but not all) of the misfiring apps, and then found that all items worked correctly.

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