Is Skype free on 3? Here's everything you need to know

Is Skype free on 3? Here's everything you need to know

What is Skype?
It’s a service that hosts your call on the internet, making it free.

What’s the connection with 3?
3 is the only mobile operator to offer Skype. All the other major operators are wary of Skype because it offers free calls and could therefore take revenue away from them.

What do you get with Skype on 3?
If you buy one of 3’s Skype enabled handsets, you can make calls and texts at 3’s usual prices, but you can also use the Skype feature to call other people with Skype for free.

What’s the catch?
There’s no catch as such, but Skype will be of very little use to you if no-one you know has a Skype account

I don’t want to sign up for 3 but I still want to use Skype.

You can’t do it through a mobile but you could do it from your computer. Just go to and create an account for free.

What handsets does 3 offer Skype on?
Nokia 6120, Nokia E63, Nokia E71, INQ1, LG KF310, Sony Ericsson W995, and 3 Skypephone S2.

Is it a contract or pay as you go offering?

Both. As a pay as you go user, you can even use Skype when you have no credit on your phone.

Are there data charges?
Not for using Skype. However, normal data charges apply for using the phone for calling texting, surfing the net etc.

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