Dealer reactions to Data Select's Platinum Club conference

Dealer reactions to Data Select's Platinum Club conference

Stuart Ferguson, head of retail and franchise at Fonehouse
‘The benefit is that you get to see the manufacturers all at one time and product roadmaps.’
Charles Porter, VIP dealer
‘We are very privileged to get a snapshot and it is very brave of the manufacturers to be in the same building. It is incredibly well run
and there is great camaraderie within the team.’

Ed Shaw, operations manager at Grapevine
‘Seeing the same people every time, you get to catch up with their business, and it is a forum to swap tips. It’s like a two-way conversation between manufacturers and dealers.’
Kaf Abbas, corporate accounts director at Cortel
‘Platinum club provides that extra special relationship with the supplier, and the advantage is that you are ahead of the game because of Data Select’s great relationships with manufacturers.’
Paul Leonard, MD of Sprint Communications
‘It opens up views on the industry that you wouldn’t normally entertain unless seen in this environment, everyone is a winner out of this.’

Georgie Davison, MD of Davison Communications
‘From a company point of view, it is an insight into new products and back-up services available. There is a good relationship with leading manufacturers. It is a good chance to network when you come away from presentations. You get a good idea of how other businesses are working.’

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