Paul Hooper, managing director of Uplands

Paul Hooper, managing director of Uplands

How many years have you been established as Uplands?
This is my 17th year in mobile communications. Uplands started in 1979 and has grown to become a UK leader in mobile multimedia equipment and services.

How many staff does Uplands employ?

Where does Uplands operate?
Bristol and Swansea.

Which networks do you sell?
Uplands are a Centre of Excellence Partner so operate exclusively with O2.

What’s popular in terms of products or services at the moment?
From a retail perspective in car connectivity for the likes of iPhone and the latest Bluetooth technology is still extremely popular. BlackBerry is very much a favoured product for business.

What challenges do you face as a dealer?
The challenges we face today are different than the challenges we faced
just 12 – 18 months ago. Ensuring continuity of connectivity and extension to contract terms is still vitally important. Now we must seek to sell new, additional and innovative products and services to our in-life customers which demonstrate a holistic communications solution.

What kind of targets do you have for Uplands by the end of the year?
We're building in stiff targets for mobile business broadband. Uplands have really never resold any form of mobile broadband connectivity so it really is virgin territory. But already we're starting to see a real interest from our business customers andwe're now targeting our business teams with as much mobile broadband connectivity as we are standard business primary connectivity.

What handset are you using at the moment?
I am using a BlackBerry Curve 8900. It took me time to be convinced but now like many other CrackBerry addicts I would now find it impossible to live without mine, unless of course I’m on some Nokia skiing trip in the Alps, unless in which case my Nokia never leaves my side.

Consolidation in the indirect mobile market is an increasing issue why do you think that is? It’s a clear reflection of our current times. With so many businesses going to the wall and for many not all, it can often be through no real fault of their own. It’s simply a reflection of banking activity or to be more precise banking inactivity. I think you will see the slightly larger specialists encourage working collaboration with those who may be slightly smaller but still able to deliver quality business. You may even see several smaller quality companies band together. 


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