David Hyett, Excalibur Communications

David Hyett, Excalibur Communications


How many years have you been in the business?
We have been in the business as Excalibur since 1998. We used to trade as MPCs before, which was more retail.

How many staff do you have?
Across the whole company, there are 85 staff.

Where are you based?
There are branches in Basildon, Southampton, Crawley, Swindon and Bristol.

Which networks and distributors do you sell?

We are an O2 business partner and a Vodafone Premier Partner – we have always dealt with those networks.

Which distributors do you use?

We run our own distribution company, and we supply b2b dealers’ websites.

What products and services do you sell?
There are a few product areas we operate in: mobile, fixed line, vehicle tracking, IT support and we run a web studio.

What is most popular right now?
BlackBerrys and iPhones, but it is down to what suits the customer.

What are your targets for 2009?

We have around 3,000 businesses that use our products and services. We are looking at convergence and making sure we offer services into different areas. We offer an understanding and solutions-based business around an application to make our customers’ businesses more efficient. We would like to provide them with the right solution for any integration needs and save them time and money.

What are your biggest challenges?

Re-educating the sales force to not just sell mobile. We changed our sales structure six to nine months ago, so that there are three tiers of support. Customers are now benefitting from office-based support. They now have three different people looking after the account: admin, an account manager and a sales manager.  

What handset do you use?
I have a BlackBerry Storm – I look after the web studio and need a large screen as I am constantly approving things. BlackBerrys are great for emailing.

What are your thoughts on consolidation?
I think a couple of years ago, we realised mobile was not the only business if we were to survive. The businesses that have gone bust haven’t managed to enter any other revenue streams. We are 25% other services and 75% mobile, and we have plans to change over the next year to be more 50/50. 

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