LG Watch Phone GD910

LG Watch Phone GD910


What is it?
The LG Watch Phone GD910 does exactly what it says on the tin, and the manufacturer claims it is the smallest fully functioning 3G phone ever made.

What’s its availability?

The device was released with limited distribution on 27 August at Orange’s Bond Street store in London. It is exclusive to the network ‘for a limited period’ and costs £500 on prepay. It is not being sold on contracts and is pitched as a novelty second phone for people with a spare £500.

How does calling and texting work?

Calls are made via the Bluetooth headset that comes with the device. Users can also make video calls, where they can see the recipient on their screen. Texting operates via the responsive 1.43-inch touch-screen, and users have a choice of predictive or standard texting.  

How does navigation work?
Use the touch-screen to navigate between two home screens: one for functions such as contacts, messaging and settings. The other provides information such as signal strength, battery and volume. There are three buttons on the side of the device – ‘return/cancel’, ‘end call’ and ‘receive call’.  

Does it have any competitors?
Two other watch phones have been announced so far; the Hyundai Mobile MB910 was due out in late Q2 2009 at a much cheaper price of £200, but has suffered delays, while Samsung has released details of the S9910, which is made from stainless steel and features a touch-screen and Bluetooth.

Will it sell?
The handset is aimed squarely at consumers who won’t baulk at paying £500 for a second phone, so it’s not a mainstream device. However, it appears to have generated much excitement from consumers on the internet, especially on sites such as YouTube, so it could fare better abroad.

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