Adrian McCourt, Barclay Communications

Adrian McCourt, Barclay Communications


How many years have you been in the business?
We opened our doors in 1997 as a retail operation catering to the consumer market. Then in 1999 we started to deal with businesses and by 2001, we had totally switched our focus to the b2b sector.

How many staff do you have?


Where are you based?
We trade throughout the UK, with account managers located from Aberdeen to Bournemouth. Our main head office is still in Belfast, but the majority of our business comes from the UK.

Do you deal direct or through a distributor?

We are direct O2 partners, and hold exclusive memberships to its Centre of Excellence and Data Centre of Excellence programmes. We also work through a distributor for Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and 3.

Do you focus on one or two networks in particular?
Over the years we have formed a unique partnership with O2, which has delivered many benefits to our business and that of our clients. In today’s marketplace, you have to build strong relationships and it is impossible to keep everyone happy, which is why we have concentrated on O2.

What do you sell?

We offer our customers a fully integrated service, a one stop shop for all of their business communications. Our main emphasis still circulates around mobiles but with technology moving so fast, unless you can offer a fully converged service then I feel your business will be left behind.

What products or services are currently popular?
The key phrase that has been branded around in the industry has been ‘mobilisation technology’, and any products that meet this idea have become really popular among businesses. They are products that have been specifically designed to increase business efficiency when staff are outside the office.

What are your targets for 2009?
Currently, we are working on an offer that could see our converged sales of mobile and landlines explode throughout the UK. We also have a real emphasis on acquiring other companies in both mobile and landline fields. We are hoping this will assist the growth of our existing base and strengthen our presence within several UK regions.

How has the industry had to change with the introduction of revenue share?
The industry is becoming less and less of a cashback business, which has to be a positive thing as it will benefit those with a long-term outlook and a good business structure. The importance of managing your customer base and reviewing accounts on a regular basis has now become imperative.

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