Fiona Fleming – Dick Fleming Communications

Fiona Fleming – Dick Fleming Communications


How many years have you been established as Dick Fleming? 
20 years, and I have been in the business for 17 years.

How many staff do you have? 
15 staff.

Where are you based?

Do you deal direct or through a distributor? 
Both – direct with O2, and Vodafone through Arrow Communications.

Which networks do you sell? 
O2 and Vodafone.

What do you sell?
Mobile phones, iPhones, BlackBerry, mobile data, handsfree car kits and Wi-Fi products.

How many accounts do you have on your books?

There are never enough.

Have there been any recent developments?
At the beginning of 2009, Dick Fleming Communications was made an O2 preferred partner and we are enjoying all the benefits that it brings. We are constantly striving to improve our local service to our customers. The majority of our business is through repeat and referral. We find that word of mouth is the best selling tool you can have.

What’s currently popular in terms of products or services?

BlackBerry and the iPhone.

What is a lucrative area? 
The iPhone. It is creating a lot of interest and opening a lot of doors for us at the moment.

How influential has the introduction of laptops and mobile broadband been?
We have seen a healthy uptake. Oil related businesses with people on the move all the time form a large part of our base.

What targets do you have as a business? 
Our target is to get a healthy amount of our base onto a revenue share programme.

How has the industry had to change with the introduction of revenue share? 

Dealers have had to re-model their businesses. It’s been interesting to see the dealers that have de-valued the product struggle. For us, it has been a positive thing.

What challenges do you face as a dealer?

The transition from upfront commission payments to revenue share. Putting value back into the product so that customers are happy with a long-term contract.

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