Guide to Spotify - the music service

Guide to Spotify - the music service

What is Spotify?
Spotify is a music streaming service that allows users to listen to a huge selection of music instantly, with almost no buffering delay. It’s currently only available as a web service, but Spotify mobile apps are on the way.

What will be the difference between the spotify web version and the mobile apps?
The web version is funded by advertising and therefore free to use, but it does mean users must tolerate an advert after every few songs. The mobile app version will cost users a monthly subscription fee. The figure has not yet been officially announced, but sources claim it will be £9.99 per month, or £120 per year – the current cost for a Spotify premium annual subscription.

What are the imminent mobile apps? 
Spotify has already built apps for both the iPhone and Google’s Android platform, of which videos of both are circulating the web. A key development occurred last week when Apple announced it had approved Spotify’s application for the iPhone. This ended much speculation that Apple would refuse the app on the grounds it would be a serious competitor to iTunes.

When will these Spotify apps be available?
No release date has yet been confirmed for either. However, Apple told us it will be available ‘very soon’. Meanwhile, Spotify is yet to submit its app to Google’s Android Market, but this is also expected to happen imminently.

How do they work?

Based on Spotify’s YouTube videos, the iPhone and Google apps are almost identical. In both cases, you can transfer the streamed music onto your phone, which allows you to listen to it ‘offline’ when there is no reception. The service wirelessly syncs your handset with your computer and you can drag music onto your phone instantly.

What will operators make of Spotify coming to mobiles?
Spotify will clash with operators’ music plans, and its appearance on mobiles is likely to cause concern.
Watch this space.

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