Stephen Donovan, Jelly Communications

Stephen Donovan, Jelly Communications


Why was Jelly Communications established?
Jelly Communications was established in 2005, due to the number of enquiries we were receiving from people wanting connections. We were getting approached by people who had found us online and knew that we could offer the connection as well – we felt there was a market opportunity to provide connected service.

Where are you based?
We are based in Chessington, south London. Around 80% of our business is within 30 miles, but we have recently opened a branch in the North. We were getting enquiries from Scotland, the Midlands and the North, so we knew there was an opportunity. We decided that once the business was established in London, we could replicate the model in another part of the country.  

Which networks do you connect?
We connect all the networks and are a business partner with T-Mobile, but we position ourselves as independent and unbiased. We speak to clients to find out what they need and then find a suitable business package.  

What is Jelly Communications’ strategy?
We are keen to achieve a retention rate of over 80% and have an exceptional level of customer service. An account manager visits each customer personally and matches the right tariff to the business; we also provide free technical support and a dedicated administrator.  

Are you thinking about expanding?
We are going to carefully monitor what happens in Yorkshire and potentially look towards expanding in other parts of the country. We’ll invest carefully and have realistic objectives.

Jelly Communications is part of Frequency Telecom. What are the advantages of this?
We can supply any handset rather than being tied by what a network can offer. We have experts in the mobile industry, but the branding of Jelly makes it quite distinctive.  

Where did the name Jelly Communications come from?
We worked with a marketing agency. The cockney rhyming slang phrase ‘jelly and bone = phone’ came up in a brainstorming session, and that was the genesis of the idea. Jelly is quite a favourable name – there aren’t any bad associations with it.  

How has the company grown over the past four years?
It started off with one person and we gained 50 customers within the first six months. Initially, we aimed at small SMEs but as we have grown the customer base has also increased.
What is your customer profile?
We generally aim for a minimum of 10 mobile phone users, but we never turn away business.

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