Jane Gould, Veecom Systems

Jane Gould, Veecom Systems


When was Veecom Systems established?
Veecom was established in 1986 and in those days it was about in-car phones. We have worked with Vodafone from the early days and stayed with current technology.

What is your customer profile?
We service business clients in the b2b market and look after everything from five connections and above. Although we do have individual clients who operate on a consumer level, our biggest client has 550 handsets.  

Which networks do you connect?
We are a Vodafone Premier Partner and the majority of our business is signed through that operator. We can connect customers to other networks as well.  

How many staff do you have?
We have 14 members of staff based in Edinburgh’s city centre. We recently appointed a new sales manager and are really focused on business growth.  

What is your bestselling product?
We sell a lot of BlackBerrys and have seen huge growth in that area. I think it is because of the push-email facility; it is easy to set up for SME clients. The fact that people can communicate in an extra way is attractive.  

Do you think convergence is a positive thing?
People have been talking about convergence coming together for the last 10 years and it is something that has got to happen. We are aligned with Vodafone and are constantly looking at what it is coming out with. We also have partnerships with businesses that provide fixed-line telephony, and expect to be strengthening those alliances in the future.

What are the company’s growth plans?
The company has been growing fairly steadily and we are always looking to add new clients. We have an excellent churn rate and provide a good quality of clients. We are trying to maintain things at the moment and aim to grow steadily.  

Which handset do you use?
A BlackBerry Curve – I had a really old Nokia until recently.

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