Keane Beaken, Focus4u

Keane Beaken, Focus4u


When was Focus4u established?
Focus4u will have been in business for five years on 2 October. Three directors originally set it up as a small, fixed-line company, and it very quickly became successful. Darren Gander and I were approached around three years ago to come on board and develop a mobile company. The mobile side of things has been up and running for around two and half years, and has been doing significant amounts of numbers for the last two years.

Which networks do you connect and through who?
We predominantly do O2 through Fone Logistics, as we are an O2 Approved Partner. We also connect Orange and 3 through Fone Logistics and Vodafone through Yes Telecom. Around 80% of our business is through O2 and 20% is through Vodafone.  

Where are you based?
We are based in Hove, in Hove Technology centre, a purpose built unit which we have two units in. We have taken out a deal on another unit and will be moving into it next month.  

How many staff are in the mobile unit?
We have three employed staff; I am the mobile sales manager, Darren Gander is products manager and Dan Taylor is the accounts manager. We have a fourth member of staff, who works on a self-employed basis.

Do you have plans to expand?
We will be moving offices and are looking to take on
two new people who will focus on new business. We have always had a big existing base and want to ramp up new business now.

What is your typical client portfolio?
Our customers range from companies with one or two handsets to our largest customer, Unite, the union, which has over 500 connections. On average, our clients have around 10-15 mobiles, which in many respects is the ideal customer. They are not too small, and not so big that they forget the effort you make for them, so you can end up keeping them for four or five years.

What is your most popular product?
The iPhone is by far the most popular handset recently, it is the most important product in the industry and we have won so much business with it. Previously it was the Nokia E71 and E63, they are very good all-round emailing devices.In terms of tariffs, it is a closely fought race between O2 and Vodafone propositions. Both offer premium business products at a reasonable price.

Which handset do you use?
I’ve used the E71 since Christmas – it is a cracking business device.

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