Jeremy Roth, Crimson Tide

Jeremy Roth, Crimson Tide


When was the company established?
Crimson Tide was founded in 1996 as an IT company doing database management and applying CRM solutions. We moved into data application solutions in 2003. In 2006, we were listed on the AIM part of the London Stock Exchange, as we wanted to raise more capital to develop our own data solutions. We became a Microsoft Gold Partner three years ago.

Where is it based?
We are based in Tunbridge Wells and Dublin, but operate throughout the UK.

How many staff?

What is the company’s main service offering?
We supply mobile data applications and services on the Microsoft Windows operating system. We provide PDAs or smartphones to SMEs to allow staff to access their business information while away from the office.
Do you have plans to expand?
We aim to become the leading service provider of mobile data solutions for business. We are expanding by using indirect sales channels through partnerships with dealers. We are
also involved in the Windows 6.5 operating system, and
are launching it to the business channel.

What’s your typical client portfolio?
Small to medium sized business with 10 to 500 staff that need data or complete forms when out of the office. We have also secured contracts with a few large blue chip corporate companies.

What’s your most popular product?
Windows Mobile.

What is the company’s main service offering?
We don’t impose a particular solution, but produce a bespoke one to suit individual company needs. We assess the tariffs available and structure the right connections schedule and tariff for the business. We offer support services, including telephone and email, and hosted services, so a company’s information is backed up and archived. Data can be easily restored if there is a problem with a device or the software.

What are the most popular smartphones and PDAs you offer?
The Motorola MC35, MC50, MC70, MC3000, Opticon H16, HTC TyTn2, HTC Touch Dual, Samsung i780, Palm Treo 750 and the Palm 500.

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