Mo Ahmed, The Mobile Store

Mo Ahmed, The Mobile Store

How long has The Mobile Store been established?
The company has been around for seven years. I previously worked for a mobile phone company in Birmingham as a web designer and started to buy stock from the business and sell it in Luton. I began by supplying one shop and grew to supply all of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.  

Where is the company based?
We have two retail units in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, and a small call centre to deal with b2b business. We first entered the b2b market around four years ago, but we are very consumer focused right now.

How many staff do you have?
There are 16 members of staff spread across both the retail and b2b sides of the business.  

What networks do you connect?
We concentrate on 3 and Orange, and are looking at T-Mobile as well.

What are the strongest parts of the company?
In 2007, we won a quality award from 3 for customer service and the number of connections we were doing. We have also been shortlisted for an excellence in customer care award run by the local press. No one in the two counties has more stock than us. We have 120 handsets in stock at one time and a huge range of accessories.

How do you continue to attract customers?
We put real effort into listening to customers. We have an R&D team, which spends time sourcing information and looking into special requests. We recently have customers coming in for difficult things to find, but we put the effort into finding the right equipment. We continue to diversify our business by listening to our customers.  

Do you have plans to expand in the future?
There are plans to expand and we are investing in three more stores. We are looking to have shops in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes by March 2010.

What phone do you use personally and why?
I use the BlackBerry 9000 because it can have up to 10 email accounts and it has got a lot of good features for business people.

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