Adam Kobeissi, Evolution Voice and Data

Adam Kobeissi, Evolution Voice and Data


When was Evolution Voice and Data established?
Evolution was formed in 2000 as a managed service provider and in 2006, formed a mobile department primarily working with T-Mobile as a direct business partner. In 2007, we started working with Vodafone and O2 directly. We are slowly expanding year on year and continue to grow.  

What is your typical client profile?
Our average customer can be anything from one user all the way up to 1,200. Our customer base is solid across the group because of the other services we offer. We have grown quite rapidly month on month, adding to the customer base.  

How many people work in the mobile team?
We have five people; two managers, two customer service advisers and one product manager.  

Where are you based?
We are based in the City and 80% of our clients are in the London area. Our core strength is in the financial and banking sector. We put a lot of focus on customer service and care.  

What is the key thing your customers are looking for?
At this point in the market, cost is always a factor. Everyone is looking to reduce their overheads.  

What are your bestselling products?
BlackBerry is a key seller and is massive in the City – around 80-90% of our clients are BlackBerry users mostly running on the BES system.

What handset do you use?
Personally, I use the BlackBerry 8900. I used to have the Bold 3G, but the 8900 is a smaller, lighter device.

How do you see the future of the industry?
Our customer base and the business as a whole is always growing, and we continue to gain confidence. But I think the next year will be very tough. We have a wide range of products and it is about finding the synergy between them.

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