Surinder Sandhu

Surinder Sandhu


When was Starline Communications established?
Starline has been around for 10 years, since Mercury One2One. We have always been a T-Mobile dealer, first with Mercury One2One, then when it went to One2One and now T-Mobile. We have never dealt with any other network.

Where are you based?
Starline is based in Middlesex, the head offices are in Southall and we have branches in Hayes and Hounslow. At one point we had six stores.

How many staff do you have?
We have 25 employees.

What type of connections do you do?
We are a retail dealer, but have been doing b2b connections for a while. We are a T-Mobile business specialist and premier partner. There are only 36 premier partners in the country.  

What is your typical customer profile?
We are in the ethnic market and we have staff that can speak many different languages to deal with our customers. It is this kind of thing that creates customer loyalty. We have clients who come back year in, year out for renewals and any problems.

Have you got plans for expansion?
When the recession dies down a bit we will look at getting some more stores, but currently we are comfortable with what we are doing.  

What is your bestselling product?
We sell lots of BlackBerrys, but at the moment the bestselling products are ?Sim-only deals, whether on a 30 day rolling contract or 12 month plan. The fact that people are not handset driven is a reflection on the current climate.

How would you like your business ?to develop?
We would like a bit more support from the network. As a premier partner, what would be nice would be to compete with T-Mobile stores and to be on a level playing field.

What handset do you use?
I have always had a Nokia and have got a Nokia E51 at the moment.

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