Stephen Finnegan, Edge Telecom

Stephen Finnegan, Edge Telecom


How long has Edge Telecom been established for?
Edge Telecom started in July 2007 and prior to that we operated under a different name, working almost as a BT franchise. When we came to the end of that three year contract we looked at where the market was going to migrate and decided to focus on mobile and data.  

Where are you based?
We are based in Egham, Surrey and have sales guys dotted all over the country. 
How many members of staff do you employ?
We have 12 members of staff. Four are customer relation account managers – they deal with upgrades and don’t have targets. They are there to be someone at the end of the phone, to deal with issues.

What type of business do you do?
We have always focused heavily on BlackBerry and on the b2b channel, but we are slowly moving into fixed line. We had a look at hosted voice for the lower end of the SME community at one point.

What is your typical client portfolio?
We have single users all the way up to our biggest user, who has 180 phones. On average, a client has 15 to 20 connections.  

How does Edge Telecom stand out from other dealers?
We do a lot of repeat business and investing in a customer service team has been great. Our people out in the field have expertise and knowledge of the market place and how to build the right package for customers.  

What is the main focus of your business?
Everyone is talking about the iPhone, but we work across all networks and don’t focus on any particular operator.

What is exciting about the industry?
O2 and Vodafone are moving slowly into fixed line and the prospect of getting all your bills in the same place is a good thing. We don’t want to invest in a billing system, so the option of the network providing all the back office support is great. It will be interesting to see how Vodafone and Orange open up the iPhone to the dealer community.

Which phone do you use?
I use the BlackBerry Pearl, I get ripped about it quite a lot. The guys want me to have the newest gadget, but when I am out and about the bigger BlackBerrys are quite cumbersome; I can still access my emails from the Pearl.

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