Tony MacHugh, Keytime

Tony MacHugh, Keytime


When was Keytime established?
Keytime has been running for four years now. We do b2b and opened a BlackBerry store in April.

Where are you based?
We are based in Glasgow.

What type of business do you do?
We solely did b2b for a while and decided to focus on BlackBerry early on, 70% of our business is Orange and around 80% of that is BlackBerry. We are an Orange federated dealer – the operator gives overall support to the dealer network and customers.

How many members of staff do you employ?
I have three members of staff. I remain in store mostly and bring in part time staff when we are busy. We do get quite a lot of walk-in business.

What is your typical client profile?
SME is our focus and we definitely do more business connections than personal contracts.

What makes Keytime stand out?
I think we get more business because we are BlackBerry specialists; we have the time to set up email and the phone properly. We understand how BlackBerry works and know about all the apps that go with it. High street stores don’t have the same amount of time and as a result our customer retention is 99.9% – I have only lost two customers over the past four years. When you focus on one thing it is easier to provide a better service.

Why did you choose to focus on BlackBerry?
The theory with BlackBerry is they are like small PCs. On the b2b side of things, a lot of older people are taking BlackBerrys as a PC. We promise our customers that they will be able to get a return on their investment because BlackBerry is so intuitive, it empowers SMEs to be more productive.

What phone do you use?
I had a Bold, but I am currently trying out the BlackBerry 8520. A lot of people are now coming in on the consumer level to ask for BlackBerrys.

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